Untitled photo

Ingimar Thorhallsson (b. 1992) is a fine art landscape photographer based in Reykjavik, Iceland. He studied in the UK from 2015-2018 at London College of Communication and at Camberwell College of Arts, both of whom are part of University of the Arts. During his years of study, he spent most of his time researching colour theory,  philosophy and constructing models, later to be photographed in his studio. 

In the more recent years, his work reflects his ardent approach to colour, shape and the various visual plays within nature and man-made forms. The works oscillate between figurative and abstract imagery, as the latter in the medium of painting has inspired Ingimar from a young age. In fracturing the scene or landscape, details expand to become the main interest. Nature’s force and its effects also play a substantial role, seen for example in his Manufactured series, “Veðrun” (2017), where layers of old paint have abraded over time. The photographer continues to seek these visual qualities and peculiar patterns, acting as an observer within nature and urban environments, which a pedestrian might overlook in everyday life. 


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